Halo Wars

Halo Wars

Halo Wars

Halo Wars

Halo Wars

The Guide to Halo Wars – A Look at the Most Popular Warfare Game

Halo Wars is the latest war game created for Microsoft’s Xbox console. Meta- Multiplayer is the main feature of the game which enables players to join each other in the effort of destroying the whole of the Covenant forces. สล็อตเว็บตรง


The Covenant is an alien alliance that aim to destroy the human race. Even though the Covenant is the driving force to the human race’s eradication, the Covenant is very prone to lose its military campaign against the humans. This war game Halo Wars is the first of its kind produced by Bungie and is the highest rated war game in the gaming community.


 The game is the brainchild of Bungie’s John Bungie who is famous for creating the legendary Halo franchise. Halo Wars is developed by advisable software for an Xbox 360 game. It was first released on the 10th of April whilst the Multiplayer version was released on the 18th of April. It is a turn based strategy game.


 The game consist of a map which is really big and is known as the battlefields. There is a lot of space on the map and the players are allowed to choose space ships for them to explore in the map. Halo Wars


Every ship that the players choose is different. They have a choice on what kind of ship to be, the kind of ship to be loaded, and the type of weapons or other accessories they will be using. Halo Wars


The game players are allowed to join into groups of up to four players, but only those within the age group of 12 are allowed to join in. The groups of the 12 can include the same race but players Each group has their own group leader that can give orders and such.


The players of the different groups are really set in a way that they can suffer losses of their own even though they are grouped. The players actually take it home with them in the form of different trophies.


The Tricks of the game


Different maps have different objectives. The objective of the game is different for each map. The players of the game are allowed to form groups of more than 4 but the objective of the game remains the same.


The players of the game are set in a 21st century world. Learn about the popular cultures of the world. The list of words and the culture was presented in a scrolling text. The scroll arrow can also present slide puzzles that the player need to crack in order to advance in the game.


Age of empires series has always been flashy and over the top but there always seems to be a catch. This latest version is just like all the earlier versions that reveal aimmer of the hidden secrets of the civilization. This entertainment will definitely keep the player in the world of empires for a long time without having to leave it to get the latest proven fact on the go. The empire building game has been so subtle that the players did not notice it initially and when they did notice they were amazed by the brilliance of such a simple idea that was executed so beautifully in every level of the game. The civilizations are so well detailed and staged that they do look like real world civilizations that we have in real life.


The different scroll levels would let the players learn more about their forefathers. The game introduced the fact that we learn more about our forefathers when we befriend the person directly in front of us. The curiosity to know more about your pioneer is awakened while the player is entertaining in the game. The different maps and visions are designed to make the players want to play more.


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Halo Wars